Here’s the scoop

Sell your men’s and women’s good as new merchandise at FLAIRTRADE and earn extra cash for recycling your items! Our mission is to help you make the most money from your clothing, shoes, and accessories. You can help us do that by following these guidelines:

Bring us your best! Our shoppers are looking for high demand designer items for clothes, shoes, and accessories. Additionally, our other top selling brands include many of the Mall department store brands.

All items must be clean/freshly laundered on hangers. Our shoppers prefer items less than three years old. Please inspect your items very carefully beforehand. When selecting items for consignment, ask yourself if they are in the condition YOU would want to buy them. Please do not take our selective eye personally- we are very selective based on demand and what’s currently on hand in our inventory. We do not accept damaged items with stains, tears, piling, broken zippers or missing buttons. We do not consign children’s, juniors, lingerie, or bridal gowns. Any items that are found damaged after initial inspection will be sold at discount or donated to a charity at our discretion without further notice.


No appointment is necessary to consign your items at FlairTrade. We accept consignments Monday through Friday 10am-5pm and the first Saturday of each month from 10am until 2pm. We will inspect and select your items while you shop and return any items we feel will not sell in our store. If it’s your first time consigning, we will review our agreement and explain how we operate.

Our new Drop and Go option is a great approach if you have consigned with us before, know how it works and don’t want to wait. Simply fill out the DROP & GO consignment form ahead of time and bring with your consignment. During the drop and go process we will inspect and select anything we are able to consign. We’ll add the selected items to your account and e-mail you the accepted inventory. PLEASE NOTE: drop + go items that we are unable to take will be donated outright and a tax receipt will be available upon request for your donation. 

Consignment Period:

FlairTrade consigns items for a maximum of 63 days. Unsold items priced above $25 + can be picked up within 48 hrs of contract expiration. If not picked up, they become property of FLAIRTRADE. It is the consignors responsibility to know when your consignment contract expires, locate the items, and pick them up. We will pull those items with a 48 hr prior notice and a $1.00 fee per item pulled if requested.

Buy Outright option:

We now occasionally buy items outright for a quick and easy transaction, which is great if you just want to be done with it all! You make less than with consigning, however some people prefer the immediate gratification.  Not all items qualify for this option. We are only interested in high-end accessories and clothing.

Consignments are accepted around the back of the building at the BLACK door. You can easily find this by driving around the back of the plaza. We ask that you do not bring consignments through the front of the store.

There is parking at the back entrance and we allow you to shop in the store while we look through your consignment items.

Payment options:

Consignor’s receive 40% of the selling price by check, cash up to $25 per day, or store credit. Funds accumulate in your account as items sell and remain in the account until you apply them toward a purchase, get the money out in cash, or have a check written. Store credit is available immediately upon the sale of your merchandise. When you use your store credit you receive a 5% bonus toward your purchase when using store credit to shop (making it a 45% split). Checks are cut monthly with a $50 minimum, processed the last day of the month, and available for pick up on the 15th. You can check your account regularly with our Consignor login option.

Items still here on the 64th day will be donated to one of our local NFP charities. Items priced over 25+ may be picked up by consignor at the end of the 63 day period.

What Can I Consign?

We are currently accepting Winter Fashion items:

We are still taking WINTER fashions! Sweaters, capes, vests, cardigans, dusters, long sleeve tops are our biggest sellers.

Although we are accepting long pants and cocktail dresses, we remain selective on what we are able to take. We are no longer accepting long formal dresses, tall winter boots or winter accessories (hats, gloves, scarves).

We will officially begin transitioning into Spring on February 1st.

Are there Labels you Do Not Accept?

There are labels we do not accept. Due to current sales trends we will no longer be accepting labels like:

Other labels may also be denied at the discretion of the intake department.

  • Kohl’s (Apt. 9, So, Croft & Barrow, My Michelle, Sonoma, J Lo, Abbey Dawn, Candies, So)
  • Maurices
  • Dress Barn
  • Cato
  • WalMart (Metro 7, Jaclyn Smith, Op, White Stag, George)
  • Target (Mossimo, Xhiliration, Merona, Designer series for Target)
  • Old Navy
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Casual Corner
  • Kim Rogers
  • Charlotte Russe
  • Forever 21
  • Wet Seal
  • Eyeshadow
  • Alfred Dunner
  • KoretBody Central
  • HeartSoutl
  • Valerie Stevens
  • old store labels (blue Ann Taylor labels, Talbots with red “T” or gold circle)
  • Petite Sophisticate
  • Crazy Horse
  • Christopher Banks
  • Lee
  • Riders
  • Dockers
  • Lei
  • Mudd
  • Chaps
  • Champion
  • LL Bean
  • Bill Blass
  • Axcess

No label or cut out tag items…not limited to or excluding other labels we deem unsuitable for resale.