New Year, New You!

Let Your Fringe Fly! Every year, we eagerly wait for the ball to drop to welcome in a new year! 365 Days of Opportunity to have fun, follow your dream and LIVE! Looks like 2019 is already shaping up to be one of the entertaining of them all in the fashion world! FRINGE! NEON! TIE […]

RESALE Holiday

Rocking around the Christmas tree, it’s a RESALE holiday! The Christmas Countdown has begun and finding the perfect gift is imperative! YEARS ago, at a community sale, there was a young gal holiday shopping for her family – it just happened to be the THEME for their year. How fun! Themed gift giving and this […]

Patterns 101

Welcome to Mixing Patterns 101. Today, we are going to discuss fun and easy ways to mix prints into your everyday looks! Many people aren’t sure where or how to start when mixing patterns but with these helpful hints you will be turning heads in no time. Use Stripes as a neutral. Stripes can easily […]

Know your WORTH!

Picture it. 1858. Charles Frederick Worth was the first fashion designer to have his own label sewn into the beautiful clothing garments he created. This moment is the birth of the modern fashion industry. Through the decades thousands designers have introduced their personal creations globally. This range of style and vision have given us the […]

From Our Dusty Past

Fall’s MUST HAVE Wardrobe Staple! THE DUSTER. Rich in history, the duster has actually been around since about 1864! They were originally worn to protect clothing when on horses and, later on, in open air automobiles. They have evolved over the centuries and today they are simply a light weight, loose fitting coat, vest or […]

The Definition of Fall with a Twist

Transition According to Wikipedia, Autumn, also known as fall in American and Canadian English, is one of the four temperate seasons. Autumn marks the transition from summer to winter when the duration of daylight becomes noticeably shorter and the temperature cools down considerably. Lesson learned. Fall is a time transition. A time of change. Speaking […]

Guide to the FlairTrade App

More Ways to Save Maybe you are confused about the FlairTrade app or technology is difficult for you and we understand that is why we have composed a step by step guide to downloading the app, setting up your loyalty card, and finding the coupons on the app. Download FIRST step is to download the […]

Wearing Your Red, White & Blue

Get Your Flag On, Without Looking Like One Fourth of July is a time in Fashion where everyone wears the same colors, but how do you make yourself look different but in a fashionable chic way?? Here are some outfits that will still be Fourth of July themed but with a touch of elegance and […]

Shop Your Way

We are Omnichannel Did you know that you can shop at FlairTrade without stepping foot in the store???? I know you are probably wondering how???? Well if you check out our Shop tab on our website there are a number of items listed for you to shop from. There are product categories which help in […]

Summer Must Haves

Casual summer outfit ideas It’s May and it’s starting to HEAT up! Are you starting to Shop for your Summer Essentials??? Be sure to include these 4 outfits to your MUST HAVE list! Here are the Easy Must Haves for Packing for Vacation: 1. Designer Sunglasses & Woven Hats When you are lounging by the […]

Spring is …

Sandals Season Here at FlairTrade we truly believe that Spring has really sprung. Therefore time to bring out all the cute fun patterned tops and bottoms. Time to bring out the colors in your wardrobe and ditch the heavy sweaters. Who is ready for some fun shoes? When your pulling things out of your closet […]

Amy’s Closet

Supporting Local Domestic Violence Victims Not only does FlairTrade help the community with donations to Lydia’s Loft in Huntersville but FlairTrade also helps out with another organization named Amy’s Closet. Amy’s Closet is a non-profit clothing boutique that benefits Amy’s House. Amy’s House is a shelter and rehabilitation center for domestic violence victims in the Lincoln […]