Color of the Year

WHAT IS THE COLOR OF THE YEAR?? The color of the year 2018 has been chosen. Every year Pantone chooses a color to represent a snapshot of what is taking place in the global culture. The color is to serve as a expression of a mood and an attitude for the next year both in […]

Lydia’s Loft

Helping Our Community If you shop at FlairTrade you may not know about what we do to help our community. FlairTrade takes hundreds of clothing items monthly and donates them to a community based organization called Lydia’s Loft. Lydia’s Loft is a organization that opened its doors in 2004 with the hope to spread the […]

Coat-igans, the best fall trend

Is it a coat? Is it a cardigan? How about both!? It’s a coat-igan! Coat-igans are the hottest trend right now. It’s like a duster but longer and a little bit thicker. You can dress it up with a dress and pumps. If you like a more casual look pair it with leggings or jeans, […]

A Blazer, Sports Jacket and Suit Jacket Walk Into a Bar…

Fall is the BEST time of year to break out classic layering fashion pieces and top them off with a blazer or jacket. What’s the difference, you ask?! I had the same question and did not know what direction to turn to while shopping to get those statement classics that I was searching for. So […]

What The Fall?!

You Feel That?! It’s OFFICIALLY Fall! Along with the “BER” months returning, so has the coolness in the air. And then 80 degree weather?? What the FALL?? The Fall Season has already thrown us some curve balls and WE LIKE IT! Since when is Ballet Slipper Pink a fall color? Fanny packs making a come […]