Happy Almost FALL!

So. It’s that time of year. Still too hot to wear the great fall pieces you have started to stock pile but you’re over your summer wardrobe.  Transitional Fall is synonymous mix matching styles and colors with LAYERS:     LOVE → Pick colors, patterns, textures that you love! Feel confident, enjoy your shopping experience […]

Falling For Fashion

There are two times of year: Autumn and waiting for Autumn. While anxiously awaiting one of the warm & cozy layering seasons, there is so much to look forward to… One trend that we are SUPER excited about this fall is Little House on the Prairie – soft, floral, flowy, delicate pieces with dainty ruffles […]

Worry Free Getaways

Top 10 Essentials to pack for the perfect summer getaway! The worst thing about preparing for a vacation is packing! Do you always have a hard time figuring out what to pack in your suitcase? Do you always end up having not enough or too many items in your suitcase? Well, we have narrowed down […]

Jean & Me

A Modern Fairy Tale Once upon a time, in 1873, two gentleman named Jacob Davis and Levis Strauss invented the first pair of denim for gold miners. These pants were sturdy and worn to protect the miners in harsh conditions during the California gold rush. They fondly patented their creation as Jeans, after the city […]

Let’s Talk Bottoms

The Bottom Line on YOUR TOP 5 Summer Bottoms! Did you ever notice that as spring turns into summer there is an abundance of options to wear on our bottom half besides dresses?! So, we simplified and narrowed down the Top 5 of what to wear, what are they and when to wear them!   […]

Change the Rules

Talking Menswear Let’s be honest for a moment. Have you ever thought about men’s luxury “FASHION”? Sure, we know labels and high end designers but it just never comparable to the vast world of women’s fashion. This changed over the weekend like an awakening and I have been missing out! What was I thinking? Oddly […]

Picking a Perfect Purse!

SO many choices and SO much to do! Here’s a quick GO TO guide of the TOP 5 handbags you will ever need in your closet: THE EVERYDAY THROW & GO → Fits all of your essentials, has multiple ways to carry, just the right size and has a durable material that will last. A […]

FlairTRADING Like A Pro

Consigning Tips & Tricks Purses Check all pockets! Would you believe the top 5 items we find: MONEY! , business cards, candy, jewelry and napkins? Make sure you keep those goodies! Wipe down inside and any dust from the outside. Additional straps and dust covers are a plus! Clothing We ask ALL items must be […]

Spring Necessities

Can you picture this? Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and the world is colorful once again. Spring is a lovely time to liven up your closet but it comes with chilly mornings and evenings so layers are a must. Denim jackets have and always will be the perfect layering piece for spring! Cute and […]

New Year, New You!

Let Your Fringe Fly! Every year, we eagerly wait for the ball to drop to welcome in a new year! 365 Days of Opportunity to have fun, follow your dream and LIVE! Looks like 2019 is already shaping up to be one of the entertaining of them all in the fashion world! FRINGE! NEON! TIE […]

RESALE Holiday

Rocking around the Christmas tree, it’s a RESALE holiday! The Christmas Countdown has begun and finding the perfect gift is imperative! YEARS ago, at a community sale, there was a young gal holiday shopping for her family – it just happened to be the THEME for their year. How fun! Themed gift giving and this […]

Patterns 101

Welcome to Mixing Patterns 101. Today, we are going to discuss fun and easy ways to mix prints into your everyday looks! Many people aren’t sure where or how to start when mixing patterns but with these helpful hints you will be turning heads in no time. Use Stripes as a neutral. Stripes can easily […]